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From a very young age, Amy realized that she had a huge passion for others and the desire to share her knowledge with anyone who was interested in learning something. As early as age 10, Amy was teaching younger majorettes how to twirl. From there it continued to teaching ceramics, Tole painting and a variety of other crafts. As Amy got older, her desire to be able to communicate with others became the driving force that led her to study languages. A desire to become a translator was on the horizon for her. Once entering the work force her dreams became nothing more than that. Dreams became something that she would have to put on hold because of work. Although she had temporarily put some of her dreams on hold, her compassion for others was still very predominate. She started volunteering with cancer patients in the Look Good ~ Feel Good program, visited with the elderly in homes, volunteered in schools and many other things. Throughout her life Amy has always had a passion for her own personal growth and that of others. Her willingness to share what she has learned with others is what draws people to her. After a fifteen year career in the financial industry, she left her position to pursue her passion for working with others. Over 25 years of working with people in different capacities has given her the opportunity to learn things that she did not know before. She is now self employed and works with individuals to create space for transformation and evolution. Creating a safe environment so that you have an opportunity to consider your life differently and reclaim your life in a way which in meaningful to you. Through one-on-one coaching, experiential programs and retreats, Amy has much to offer those who are looking for more in their lives. ‘Awakening the Possibilities Within’ is something that Amy has mastered and is happy to share with others. Amy is honest, open, clear and direct in her encouragement of others to be that presence in their own lives. Inspiring, passionate and funny, she is a pleasure to be around. A Certified CODE Model Coach™, WEL-Systems® Master Facilitator, Quantum TLC™ Facilitator, Reiki Master Practitioner and more, Amy is also well versed in NLP and its application. Passionate about her own evolution and yours, Amy engages with others to free themselves of limiting beliefs so that they may discover and reclaim a meaningful life. Creating space for Transformation and Evolution. You can reach Amy on line at: amy@thepowerlieswithin.com or 902-832-9332 Growing Forward ~ Personal Growth Services

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